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Top 10 reasons your New York City business needs to be on Google Maps now! 
  1. New York City has over 8 million residents, and Google Maps is used by millions of them every day to explore local businesses and navigate the city.

  2. NYC’s tourism industry attracts around 66 million visitors annually, many of whom rely on Google Maps to discover places of interest and nearby businesses.

  3. On average, there are over 10 million daily searches for businesses and locations in NYC on Google Maps.

  4. 87% of smartphone users in NYC use Google Maps for directions and location-based searches.

  5. Businesses in NYC with 360 Google Street View listings experience a 36% increase in online engagement compared to those without.

  6. Listings with a 360 Google Street View virtual tour receive 45% more requests for driving directions to the business in NYC.

  7. 68% of NYC consumers prefer to view a business’s interior using Google Maps Street View before deciding to visit in person.

  8. New York City businesses with Google Maps Street View listings witness a 21% increase in foot traffic within the first month of integration.

  9. 360 Google Street View listings in NYC generate a 25% higher conversion rate from online searches to actual visits.

  10. Businesses in NYC that incorporate 360-degree imagery on Google Maps report a 28% increase in customer trust and positive reviews.

On the Map with Vik-Photo

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